Boat Sticker

For the boat vinyl we use 7 years vinyl which can be last 7 years outdoor use!!!

Have your wording/boat name produce to a size 600mm width by 100mm height-200mm height for $79

(This is for a pair of stickers, both side of the boat)

400-500mm height by 800mm width is $99
500-600mm height by 1000mm width is $109

We can design any specific logo, pictures /fonts

For the font option you can choose the font below from our font chart, or you can go to the free font download webiste:

you can choose and preview the font there. just let us know the font name that you want.

Here is some info regarding boat naming rules in New Zealand:
2.14 Vessels to be identified by law

Powerboats 4m and over and non-powered boats 6m and over
- These boats must display a name or similar identifying mark, such as a radio call sign, coastguard membership number, or trailer registration.
Identification must be:
- A minimum of two letters or numbers, displayed on both sides of the hull, and above the waterline.
- At least 90mm high (all characters must be at least 90mm high), and legible at a distance of no less than 50 metres.
- The vessel name must not have the potential to be misrepresented as a harbourmaster, coastguard, police, customs fisheries, or similar response vessel.
Powerboats less than 4m and non-mechanically powered vessels less than 6m:
- These vessels (including kayaks and small dinghys) must have the owner’s name and contact details somewhere on or in the vessel.